Bartending Course

royal baliRoyal Bali Bartending/Mixology Certification Course is anything but basic!

Bartending Training begins, where else, behind the bar! Student will learn the skills it takes to be a successful bartender. You will learn the proper way to open, close and maintain your bar to keep your boss happy, and the secrets of making great drinks to keep the customers happy
At Royal Bali Bartending Course we’ve been refining our Bartending Course over the years and are confident that we provide the most complete, up-to-date Bartending Training Program :
• Open/closing procedures
• Sanitation
• Mixology of over 200 drinks including wine and coffee with special emphasis on shooters
• Precise Free Pouring
• Money Handling
• Upselling
• Inventory Control
• Glassware
• Liquor Substitutes
• Techniques
• Product Knowledge
• Liquor Laws/Liability
• Job Search Techniques
• Bar Setup & Break Down
• Credit Card Handling
• Garnishes
• Working under pressure – fast!
• Cutting off customers
• Customer service
• Using Bar Tools

Our highly professional instructors also have a huge bag of tips & tricks to pass along to those wise enough to attend a Royal Bali Bartending Course.

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