Butler Training

Picture3The 10 months butler course is the main focus of our training. In this life changing program student  will be trained as a International style butler to handle the day to day operation of a
private household, Cruise Line, Yacht or Estate.
Along this intensive 10 months program student will be trained
in organizational skills, service, technology,psychology and much more.
A butler in our communication society can not function properly without a strong foundation, one we find in the past. The stereotype
butler profession is often regarded as one of discipline, discretion and people’s management, to this day these values are more than
ever required.
21st century employers improve their homes on all levels and we teach the student the basics of running a household based on principles that were established hundreds of years ago but are still very necessary. Arranging flowers, light cooking, serving
drinks, making cocktails and overall house keeping are only some of the classes in thecurriculum

Cruise Ship, Offshore and Ship's Catering Services